How to Handle Exam Fear

Any fear is a state of mind and can be overcome if you are confident. Exam fear is also like that. The following are a few effective strategies to handle exam fear.

  1. First of all, prepare well for your exam. A well prepared student can face any exam confidently.
  2. Do revise your lessons on a regular basis so that you need less preparation for your exam
  3. Sleep well before going for exam. Sound sleep will keep you fresh for the exam.
  4. Take short breaks and relax while preparing for the exam.
  5. Try combined study. Sharing ideas and knowledge will make you more confident.
  6. Collect a few sample question papers and practice under exam conditions.
  7. Have nutritious food during exam days to keep you fit. Poor health can cause fear.
  8. Listen to favourite songs and watch comic TV programmes during exam days to feel stress-free.
  9. Keep your mindset totally positive. Eradicate all negative thoughts.
  10.  Be confident during exam and make yourself believe that you are doing your level best. Then, there is nothing to fear.