2013’s Top six Camera Phones – S4 V/s Pureview

Nokia 808 PureView:
If you are really serious about photography, pureview just might be the one for you. Loaded with 41 mega-pixel camera incorporating 1.2inch sensor and the best of lens by Carl Zeiss f/2.4 spec. Pureview can give you 8.02mm focus length to take amazing snaps. Pureview beats most of its competitor with its powerful xenon flash and excellent dim light sensor abilities. Pureview supports full HD movie recording as well.

Samsung Galaxy S4:
Samsung Galaxy S4 camera comes with 13 – megapixel rear camera powered with flash and high shutter speed mode. The front camera is 2-megapixel. S4 allows its user to operate both camera at the same time. The front camera is also used for smart pause feature.
Galaxy S4 can identify when you are not looking at the screen and can pause the video. And when you look back, the video will resume again. Probably this will be the first in many upcoming gesture based mobile operations.

Sony Xperia Z:
Sony is back with a bang and the Xperia Z features 13 mega-pixel camera with Carl Zeiss f/2.4 lens. Xperia Z camera comes with new features like HDR Technology to give better clarity for moving images , wide-angle panorama and gives excellent quality shots under normal and dim light conditions.

Nokia Lumia 920:
The windows powered Nokia Lumia 920 comes with a 8.7 mega-pixel camera that support features like cinemagraph to create animated files from your photos. Like pureview, Lumia 920 also perform well under dim light conditions. The camera supports full HD video recording.

Samsung Galaxy S3:
The android powered galaxy s3 was projected as an iPhone killer during its launch. S3 comes with a 8 mega-pixel camera and 1/10000 shutter speed. The camera support fast shooting and also did well on close up zoom shots. Another notable feature of Galaxy S3 camera was its ability to click photos while shooting full HD movies.

Apple iPhone 5:
iPhone 5 comes with 8 mega-pixel camera and f/2.4 lens. In terms of spec, iPhone 5 may not lead the chart. However, when it comes to shutter speed, clarity under normal light and dim light conditions the phone can match with most of its rivals. The new camera also supports panorama wide-angle photo clicks by allowing user to stitch multiple clicks to a 28 mega-pixel image.

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