Best of funniest and cute youtube babies

Finding the best of funny baby videos turned out to be a tedious task. There are so many cute and funny videos out there. Here is the Part-1 of our series.

Psy Gangnam Fans: Some of his biggest fans are babies. Check out his fans videos ;)

Baby Amaya is the biggest fan of Psy Gangnam. She will start dancing to the tunes of Gangnam Style even in her sleep. Check out the video


Benjamin from London can eat really fast while Gangnam style  is on the background.


Baby Jason also like to dance for PSY’s tunes even when he is taking a power nap. Jason is a better dancer than Amaya for sure. 2:41 is where the action begins


We all know ladies love to talk ! Don’t we? Check this little one, she is already good at it.

Now, to lighten you up from all the serious talk from the last video, introducing you to the most innocent laugh you ever heard !

Charlie and Harry goes a long way back in youtube, and probably one of the most watched videos in the world. Enjoy the Charlie bit my finger video.

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